Pic Développement Stratégique

Strategic development

If you are dealing with Research and Development, innovative technologies or products, you have to solve this issue with the highest priority.

Flash due diligence

Good market positioning

Toplink Innovation brings you in a personalized way, depending on the Customers market positioning, its advice and services to define its marketing positioning, taking into account the Risks and Opportunities related to its development.

Teaser & Business plan

Definition of a development strategy as a well a go to market

Toplink® Innovation helps its customers to define and clarify the following items : risks & opportunities, market priorities, offer rationalisation, product plan management (added value focus), skills sourcing ("make or buy")...

Stock holders equity management

Preparation of investors arrival

Toplink® Innovation brings consulting services to its customers during funds raising, as well as the optimal strategy in the frame of Merging & Acquisitions (M&A) or LBO operations.

  • Time saving Toplink® Innovation helps you to save bandwith and optimize your time to market
  • Money saving Toplink® Innovation to strengthen your equity and bottom of your balance sheet
  • Minimized risks Toplink® Innovation helps you adopt an optimal investment strategy