Pic Management de l'innovation

Innovation management

Toplink Innovation eases skills networking to help you achieve successfully your R&D middle and long term Projects.

Project flash due diligence

Clarify the project background and its relevance for funding

With its customer, Toplink® Innovation clarifies the R&D project background and analyses if all the funding criteria are gathered given a specific funding instrument in France & Europe (PIA, PSPC, FUI, Eureka and also Horizon 2020).

Project set up

A well balanced consortium for a fundable project

Toplink® Innovation has the skills to organize well balanced consortium (SME, laboratories and big industries) sastisfying its clients requirements (R&D skills complementarity and industrial or business partnerships potential).

Project management

Technical & financial optimization

Toplink® Innovation team members have been dealing with complex EC projects for years and have the capability and needed track-record to successfully lead these projects in all aspects, including a powerful collaborative networking tool for more efficient work. ToplinkTM Innovation is able to propose in this second stage a bundled offer for both technical and administrative management.

  • Time saving Toplink® Innovation helps you optimze your bandwith and your R&D project implementation
  • Money saving Toplink® Innovation helps you fund your R&D consortium
  • Minimzed risks Toplink® Innovation maximize your success rate